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Brushless DC Motors

A Brushless DC Motor is a synchronous electric motor powered by a direct current. As the name implies, the Brushless DC Motor does not operate using brushes; rather it operates with an additional controller via electronic commutation.

Typically, a Brushless DC Motor is constructed with three phases. It is operated by means of an electronic six-step commutation system. Traditionally, the BLDC motors use HAL sensors as feedback to the controller. The controller commutation is useful in applications requiring high speed and commutation frequencies.

Unlike its Brush DC Motor counterparts, the Brushless DC Motor does not contain any carbon brushes. Instead, the electromagnets within the motor remain stationary, while the armature with encased permanent magnets rotates, generating torque. ┬áThis makes this motor an ideal solution for applications in which carbon dust cannot be tolerated, no “arcing” is required and long life is desired.

The cost of the Brushless DC Motor has declined since its introduction due to advancements in materials, design and increased volume. This decrease in price, coupled with the many advantages it has over the Brush DC Motor, makes the Brushless DC Motor a popular component in many different applications. Applications that utilize the Brushless DC Motor include, but are not limited to, Instrumentation, Medical, Appliances, Automotive, Factory Automation Equipment, Aerospace and Military.

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